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UMG began the "car program" approximately 14 years ago but due to our inability to determine real dealer cost, utilization was modest. Five years ago we joined the Automobile Protection Association (APA) - a non-profit group operating out of Toronto. For a modest fee, they provide dealer cost data on virtually all makes of automobiles, trucks and vans. Since that turning point, almost 50% of the UMG members and many of their support staff and families have utilized our program on a regular basis.

We have contacts with most major dealers including: Honda; Mazda; Chev/Olds; Nissan; Toyota; Chrysler/Jeep; Ford; Pontiac; Volkswagen; Saab; Hyundai etc.

How it Works

The UMG vehicle program is designed to save you time, money and aggravation on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. We suggest that you call Danah Bellehumeur (204-789-3276 or email: before you begin to approach any dealership for a vehicle quote. Most UMG members have opted to go to the designated dealer and purchase on a 3% to 4% over cost basis. However, if a member wishes to bargain on his/her own from dealer to dealer, we can support the process with cost price information. We suggest, however, that those “going on their own" avoid our selected dealers. Our UMG dealer quotes should not be shared with non UMG competitive dealers.

If Danah Bellehumeur is consulted early in the process, a strategy can be developed and confusion avoided.


We have "black books" which provide wholesale price guidelines. Also, we have a contact (broker) who has provided many trade-ins directly from members. The matter of trade-ins can be discussed during the first call to Danah Bellehumeur.

Used Cars

The individual who purchases our trade-ins is also licensed to purchase at the dealer auctions. Nearly new vehicles can be obtained at substantial discounts. Our designated dealers are also willing to discuss used vehicles and finally, we do hear of many good vehicles being offered by members purchasing new.


The UMG office subscribes to Consumer Reports, the Canadian Black Book Wholesale/Retail Guide as well as a U.S. car information service. Information on repair records, residual values, features, etc., is available on request.

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